Sunday, March 18, 2012

a woman's rant

Although I would want to have some downtime on my rest days, I can't seem to find any of that lately. I half-blindedly signed the terms and conditions. What was I thinking?!? Now, I can see "sleep deprivation and wrinkle-bearing stress" right there on the fine print. That item has always been there and it will forever be; so ladies beware; I was just not paying much attention. Forgive me for taking this out on my post but this has been an ongoing feeling I have had and just didn't have an outlet. An outlet that won't talk back and say things to shut me down and ask me to suck it all in. Then I realize that I do have an avenue, I have been turning into blogging to put all my experiences in writing. This may probably cause some people to react negatively, pass bad judgement or hopefully understand where I am coming from but I really couldn't care less. The point of all this, is just really to channel my frustrations. I can certainly bullet them all out in this post but my mind is restraining that thought, for now. To those women who single-handedly raise their kids, wives under appreciated by their husbands and to all other forms of oppression you are undergoing, consider this a toast. I'm just saying! it is crazy balancing career, being a mother and etc...  To those women that are able to hold things together and carry on with life with lesser visible emotional scars, my respect goes out to all of you.

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