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Samsung Wave: Upgrading to Bada 2.0

I had my Samsung Wave GT S8500 for 1 year and 3 months, boy can I still remember how amazed I was when I first laid eyes on it. It was really too much for what I was willing to spend on a mobile phone but I had to replace this phone. For some odd reason, the back casing melted after about 1 month of acquiring it. 

Samsung E1080
At that time, I was just really shopping for an andriod phone, nothing very pricey but still packed with the right functionalities that any person in this day and age would want to have. I left that Samsung store will a very big disappointment to myself for not owning my limits. I already sold the idea of buying a Samsung Corby but OH BOY! did I splurge. I was splurging on impulse, if you know me, I usually do several trips to a store before I make a purchase. I didn't even know what BADA OS is. BADA? have you even heard of that. 
After owning it over a year, I would definitely say that it's hardware is a strong selling point, but I can easily say that its waterloo lies on the built-in OS, limited availability of apps & the time it took for them to develop a firmware fit to utilize the horsepower of the phone. Without the upgrade, this phone is just as good as that Samung E1080. So okay, I'm exaggerating but that is how dissapointed I was over the years. I have been patiently waiting for an upgrade from Samsung so I can proudly say that I have a smartphone.
Now, the long wait is over!

Samsung Wave GT-S8500
I've looked into Bada forums and the internet and I was very lucky I stumbled upon this on Youtube.  
"Tutorial - How to install Bada 2.0 (flashing)"  

His Youtube video is easy to understand and the description is complete with the initial checks you should do with your phone, the disclaimers, the download links for the app and the bada files and the step-by-step guide on how it is done. The disclaimer states that this is to your own risk but I'll say that this is fairly simple. Just make sure that you have gone through the video and have everything ready in one place before you start flashing. 
 I came across a "Serial port open error" after the "Wait Reset" stage but that was because I previously had used an external drives on one of the USB ports. After restarting my system and re-executing the steps on the video. I finally got it to work and the whole process took less than an hour.
After the finger-biting experience I had flashing my phone, it's like owning a new phone. I am playing with it a lot now and I can honestly say that I kinda like what I am seeing. 
I now am a proud of owner of a smartphone =)

Here is a comprehensive look at the new features BADA 2.0 comes with. 
BADA 2.0 SDK features
leads you to a .pdf file

The instructions on how to flash the phone are found below. 
Credits to GamingMause of Youtube for the instructions and the video. 

Tutorial - How to install Bada 2.0 (flashing)

Hello, this tutorial shows you how to install Bada 2.0. PLEASE READ THE TUTORIAL IN THE DESCRIPTION FIRST!!! Then you know what we're talking about. The instructions given in the video are not complete. So please read the tutorial first. I'm not responsable for any damage to your phone. It's all at your own risk. Please back-up all of your files. To check out the Bada 2.0 features first:

Make this video useful! 

Download links: -MultiLoader: -Bada 2.0 bootfiles: 

The Bada version is: bada 2.01112280622LISS8500XXKL6


Disclaimer: Follow these instructions at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any damages, injury or death resulting from use of these instructions. 

Preparing for the flash:
1. Make sure your phone battery is full.
2. Backup your phone data through Kies.
3. Type *#7465625# on your phone and check whether Sim Lock and network lock is off. If it is on, don't try to flash your phone.
4. Download the firmware you want to install. 
5. Download MultiLoader
6. Remove your microSD card and SIM card.
7. Make sure Kies is totally OFF before starting. Also the processes, so that Kies cannot find your phone.

Starting the flashing process:
1. Unpack the firmware files on your computer using Winrar or some other software.
2. Connect the cable to S8500 while you press Volume DOWN + LOCK key and Power Button (You can see 'DOWNLOAD' message on the display)
3. Run Multiloader and plug the phone to the computer using the USB cable. 
4. In multiloader, Select LSI
5. Tick Full Download

- Click Boot and select BOOTFILES folder
"CAUTION : please do not select BOOTFILES_EVTSF folder"
- Click AMSS and select 'amss.bin' file which is located in the PC
- Click Apps and select 'apps_compressed.bin' file which is located in the PC
- Click Rsrc1 and select 'Rsrc_ Open_Europe_Common.rc1'
- Click Rsrc2 and select 'Rsrc2_ (Low/Mid).rc2'
- Click Factory FS and select 'FactoryFs_ Open_Europe_Slav.ffs'
- Click CSC and select ''
- Click SHP APP and select ''
-Click the FOTA file

- After connecting the mobile with PC, Multiloader will be find the COM port automatically. If it cannot find COM port please connect USB cable again and press port search.

- Click Download [You will see the downloading progress bar on the right side of Multiloader].

Multiloader will show All files complete message and your phone will restart automatically confirming that the flash is successful. 

After restart, dial 2767*3855# to hard reset the phone and then *#1234# to see the firmware version. 

Now insert your memory card, SIM card and backup contacts using KIES.

PS: To solve problem with Network settings:

FOR EVERYONE: Go to network, Choose Connection, Make a new profile with the following: Name: WIFI or INTERNET, Accesname: internet, Verification: PAP, Protocol: HTTP, No username or password, Proxyadress:

Thats everything! After configuring your network profile, Select this profile for each application (when it asks for it) 
Thank you! 


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