Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scott Kelby Photowalk

There's this photo walk I joined back in October 15, 2011. I was no ordinary photowalk because it was one of Scott Kelby's. Here's a little fact about Mr. Kelby.
Scott Kelby (born 1960 in Lakeland, Florida) is an American photographer and an author and publisher of periodicals dealing in Macintosh and Personal Computer software, specifically for design professionals, photographers, and artists.  - Wikipedia
I'm pretty sure it was a well-organized event but hmmmm let's just say I was a non-conformist. They had organized a mini amazing race within the event; unfortunately, me and the group I was with didn't join. It could've been fun and exciting. Maybe another year? and possibly a new set of guts to join a group of competing photographers. 
Well here it goes, I just want to share it, I am no professional photographer, I am a hobbyist to be exact. Sharing with you a few of my shots. If after seeing my amateur shots LOL, I want to invite you to view my Flickr account where upload most of my pictures. I would really appreciate any comment you would leave here or on my  Flickr account. =)

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