Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Annebisyosa: No Other Woman World Tour

One of the things that Filipinos proudly claim is the fact that we are a country of great singers. A bold claim, but we Filipinos have proof that our fellow country men were able to make it big all over the world. Filipinos will always boast of Lea Salonga, who played Miss Saigon 1989 & is a Disney legend; Charice, who rose to popularity through Youtube and is now collaborating with David Foster & duets with international singers like Celine Dion; Arnel Pineda, Filipino singer-songwriter who has served as the lead singer of the American rock band Journey since 2007. Please note that I've listed just a few accomplishments of these professional singers.
Filipinos generally have this immense love for singing which is very evident with the numerous local singing competitions, the karaoke, and even actors trying their talents in singing. Piolo Pascual, Nora Aunor,Jericho Rosales,Diether OcampoDonna Cruz, Sheryl Cruz to name a few.
Lately, one ambitious and bold lady came out, tested the music industry and let's say tried her luck in singing. People in showbiz can say that she does love to sing. Although her love for singing is oftentimes a subject of criticism, she just has that certainty about herself that her stardom won't be fazed by her singing. True enough, she was very lucky to be given a break, was granted an album "Annebisyosa",a nationwide concert called "No Other Concert". She has indeed commanded a great following among Filipinos. The Waterfront Hotel, Cebu was jam-packed with her fans and followers.
She is no other than Anne Curtis Smith.

Above shows the description of herself from her twitter account. Apart from being gorgeous. I really love that she has that fun, wacky side to her persona.Did I mention that she is a credible and an amazing actress. She won Best Actress for her movie "Baler" with an equally great actor Jericho Rosales. During her concert Anne mentioned that she had to show off beautiful costumes to make up for her singing, really funny. 
Sue, Up for it! blogger and I took a few pictures as best as we can from where we were seated. Why I was able to sit VIP at her concert?Read here
Enjoy the pictures =)

Anne Curtis-Smith

singing "Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang" with Luis Manzano
Luis Manzano dancing to "I'm Sexy and I Know It"
Anne Curtis singing "Alone"

Anne performing rock alternative songs
Anne singing "Super Bass"

Mark Baustista, one of her guest performers
Anne singing "Someone Like You"

I am not much of a concert goer but if I were to write a review about her concert. This is not that kind of concert that would be musically enriching but this however is the kind that would simply entertain you and would love her even more. Ironically, professional singers would be applauded when they would belt their heart out and not miss a tune but when Anne Curtis misses a a few notes she would be cheered on by her fans. An absolute confirmation on how her fans couldn't care less about her imperfections they just utterly love her to bits and pieces.
It has been reported that she would be giving up her singing career after her Cebu and Middle East concert tour. More details here.

Professional and amateurs alike share a passion for music on different levels. And, some will have the God-given talent while others can keep dreaming about it. Well, Anne is an epitome that there are things you can get away with pure charm and confidence. Don't get me wrong only a few people can get away with that! That is power! 

A special special thank you to this person who made this happen. She did this  to make my golden year a memorable one. =) Oooh a little trivia about us, we are both Geminis and are born on the same date May 27, cool right?
Sue is the author of Up for it! blog a.k.a @LilyZeta on twitter
Sue and me

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